2019 Open day and School festival

The event has finished.

「What’s the best educational path for our children?」
Welcome to the world of Waldorf education – 9 years devoted to cultivating an open heart and a passion for learning

2019 Open day and School festival

Are you thinking about placing your children at Yokohama Steiner school? Curious to just learn? Living nearby? We welcome you to join our Open Day at our Kirigaoka campus, where we share with you the daily life in our classroom, and the wonderful creations of our students.

Meanwhile, at our Toka-Ichiba campus, our junior high school students will host guests for our school festival. The entire event has been planned and will be hosted by our junior high school students, who look forward to welcoming you!
Please come visit both campuses and enjoy this special day.
We recommend starting from our school festival at the Toka-Ichiba campus to take in all that we have to offer

Date & Time
June 15th (Sat) 2019 From 10am to 3pm

Open Day at the Kirigaoka campus

Seminar – “Discovering the wonders of a Waldorf school”(3F)
11:00~11:45 Epoch class
13:00~13:45 The 9 year curriculum, and growth of our children (capacity 40 people)
Complimentary participation with childcare included
Classroom experience for the parents (2nd floor)
#1 11:00〜11:45: Art & Crafts
#2 12:00〜12:45 Numbers
#3 13:00〜13:45 The alphabet
#4 14:25〜14:45 Formen
Max. capacity 20 people, 500yen participation fee (includes childcare)
Please purchase tickets at the second floor reception (no reservations needed)
Finger puppet theater (2nd floor)
Little Red Riding Hood
#1: 10:15 #2: 11:15 #3: 12:15  #4:13:15    20 minutes per session (free)
Tickets will be provided at the 2nd floor reception
1:1 Q&A session with our teachers (3F)
#1: 11:00 #2: 12:00 #3: 13:00 #4: 13:50 #5: 14:30
20 minutes per session, appointments made on site / Free / Includes childcare
Tour of the first graders’ classroom (2nd floor)
Workshop (2nd floor)
Workshop: Craftsmen’s log house (campus garden)
Game: Treasure ship (campus garden)
Mama café (1F)
Papa’s food stall (campus garden)
A tiny craft shop (2F)
School shop “Coins from the stars” (1F)
Daycare (3F)
Daycare will be provided during the seminar, experience sessions for adults, and Q&A sessions. Please work with the staff to ensure that the children are comfortable and happy in a new environment, above all. No reservations needed. Free of charge. From 1 years old and up.
Details at Daycare for 2019 

School festival hosted by our junior high school students (Toka-ichiba campus)

Musical and theatrical performances

Yokohama Steiner school  Access:


      • Please kindly note that our spoken language is Japanese – all the programs are conducted only in Japanese

      • No parking available. Families are encouraged to use public transportation
      • Please bring your own slippers
      • No photos or videos please
    *Schedule is subject to change. Any updates will be posted to our homepage.