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Our History and The Path

Our Path to the Yokohama Steiner School

From a lecture given by Mami Nagai, , the class teacher of the 1st class to graduate, and a member of the “Yokohama Steiner School Establishing Group” at “Gakuen-no-ima-to mirai-wo-kataru-kai (study group for the views and visions of our school)“ held in May 2009.

School Environment

Picture Gallery of School buildings and Nature Surroundings

UNESCO Associated School

We are a certified UNESCO Associated School

Operation of Yokohama Steiner School

Yokohama Steiner School is a free school and operated by a non-profit organization (Specified Nonprofit Corporation).

The school is operated jointly by its NPO members consisting of teachers, staff, parents and community members. All the participants make the school a lively place by working and learning together. By watching those actively involved parents and teachers, the children feel protected and enjoy a carefree school life.

We also offer activities open to the community such as lectures, open houses, concerts and bazars. Through those activities, we strive to be active local community member and be a part of an educational and cultural movement open to society. We are committed to “making a school that grows with the community.”

Support US

Yokohama Steiner School is an independent school, a non-profit organisation. Like all independent schools, we relies on not only tuition but support of friends to sustain our programs.

News & Topics

2021 Open day and School festival

The event has finished.

2021 Advent Family festival

The event has finished.


If you are interested in Yokohama Steiner School for your child, please ?kindly ?note that? our spoken language is Japanese? – all the classes and meetings are conducted ?only ?in Japanese. ??
When you go through the admissions process?, there is no language assistance available, such as an interpreter?. ???? If you fill out the application form in English, a Japanese translation must be attached.
Please feel free to ?ask us questions by email?? in English or Japanese. Please understand that we can only take phone calls in Japanese, as we have no English speaking staff in the office.


How to get to the Yokohama Steiner School

We have two separate school buildings. Kirigaoka Building for lower grades, Tokaichiba Building for upper grades.

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