April 2002
Launched a “Group to Establish the Yokohama Steiner School“.
-> Refer to “Our path to the Yokohama Steiner School”.
December 2003
Established Yokohama Steiner School as a specified non-profit corporation.
April 2005
Opened Yokohama Steiner School at Kirigaoka, Midori-ku, Yokohama-shi. Started with one mixed age class of Grades 1 and 2
April 2006
New 1st graders entered school. Since then, the school has been growing by one classroom each year.
April 2007
Listed in the World School List for the International Forum of the Waldorf/Steiner Schools (Published by the Federation of Waldorf Schools in Germany)
January 2011
Certified officially as a member of UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network.
-> Refer to UNESCO Website.
April 2011
Opened Tokaichiba-building, the second school building at Tokaichiba, Midorik-ku Yokohama-shi.
April 2013
Ninth grade was added to complete grades 1-9.
March 2014
First class graduated.
October 2015
Celebrated 10th Anniversary

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